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It can be described as:

Social, Art, Uniqueness, Community and Entertainment.

Others may say: Swag, Abundance, Unity, Culture, Equality.

Even: Sexuality, Activism, Undefeatable, Caring, and Equity.

However you connect or mix your's dope and we are here for it.

IMG_0566 (1).PNG

Thus, with every purchase we make it our mission that a portion of the proceeds or garments will be donated to those in need.


"The Sauce" (Dish) is not just a brand it's a lifestyle that SUPPORTS CHAMPIONS

 and everyone regardless of faith, culture, race, creed, orientation, or class.


Yeahhhhh.... you got sauce, we all got sauce. It's like soul but it drips, stains and tastes GREAT.

It's like heart because it beats and pumps.

And of one the greatest things about it is you can find it all here in "The Sauce Dish".

Whatever your flavor, swag or preference is we RESPECT that, LOVE that, and EMBRACE that.​

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